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These gates were erected by the citizens of New Lambton in honour of the men who answered their country's call and fought in the great war. The Memorial was unveiled by Hon. D. Watkins M.H.R. on the 11th November, 1916.

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Roll of Honour

Woods T.
Eaton J.
Kinnane F.
Forbes R.
Davidson J.T.
McKenzie A.
Roy J.
Johnson J.
Marshall W.
Lee W.H.
Cray A.
Ryan R.V.
McVitty A.H.
Elvidge B.H.
Millard A.C.
Beath J.V.
Stokes A.A.
Nicholson C.L.
Shepherd F.
Hodging R.J.
Wendt T.
Bray. A.
Tate W.
Smith S.W.W.
Lewington L.H.
Miller J.H.
Ryder M.C.H.
Petersen A.V.
Hitchcock D.
Williams A.
Roll of Honour

Funkenstein H.
Beeston S.L.
Dowse A.E.
Martin S.
Brown W.T.
Collinson H.R.
Freeman R.J.
Beeston Dr. J.L.
Longworth A.H.
Scowcroft S.
Smith F.
Crawford S.
Blackmore G.
Jackson A.H.
Richards C.D.
Brogden S.
Stephenson A.
Scott C.R.
McKenzie D.H.
Warren F.J.
Stewart H.
Hadaway W.C.
Jarrett F.H.
Hynes A.R.
Hincks T.
Mitchell J.H.
Hetherington D.
Malkin W.
Martin C.
Single K.C.
Wilson T.W.
Chalmers J.
Jenkins S.
Curran R.T.
Gray M.D.
Hincks B.
Price R.
Viggers W.A.
Goad R.I.
Jefferies W.H.
Mackie J.M.
Roll of Honour

Brett G.
Johnson H.H.
Williams H.
McLean T.
Gray F.C.
Sanderson G.
Stevens A.
Gillons T.
Burnley J.
Brown G.L.
Patrick J.
Halliwell J.
Hetherington W.
Hincks C.W.
Whittaker L.
Williams R.
Hughes R.
Hinton R.
Dunn S.R.
Lathlean R.
Hamilton A.
Geale S.C.
Hughes J.
Jenkins J.A.
Owen J.
Brogden F.
Hyde W.C.
Lloyd W.A.
Smith J.
Layton W.J.
Miller W.
Bloom C.
Killip J.H.
Valentine H.M.
Dowse O.A.
Hopton H.
Wood T.W.
Kemp H.G.
Presbury W.C.
Edwards H.E.
Germyn W.J.
Roll of Honour

Cummings F.C.
Sharp S.C.
Marshall J.M

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