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Boer War Memorial at Maitland Park

Compiled by Fred Goode for the Maitland Boer War Memorial Honour Roll June 2002. Fred is looking for descendants of the volunteers to sponsor their ancestors name and donations from the public to help with the cost of the memorial, click here to contact Fred

Over 12,000 Australians served in the Boer War 1899 - 1902, the first arriving in South Africa in December, 1899. Listed below are 265 veterans from all areas of the Hunter Valley. The Australian War Memorial website has background information on the Boer War and the searchable Boer War Nominal Roll Database. A good read (my copy was borrowed on an inter-library loan arranged through my local library) is 'The Colonials in South Africa 1899-1902' by John Stirling, which lists the Australian contingents, when and where they left Australia, their activities in South Africa, details of those mentioned in despatches with related honours and awards.

Explanation of Sources, see at end of list
Explanation of Units

NumberRankSurnameFirst NameEventUnitTown or PlaceSource
 LTABBOTTJohn Henry Macartney RFAMaitB5204
653PteADAMSWilliam John  NSWIBMaitB5204
475PteAGGETTJoseph  NSWIBCessnockB5204
275TprALCORNCharles Albert  5 ACHJerry's PlainsB5207
254TprALCORNRaymond Leslie  5 ACHJerry's PlainsB5207
207 QMSGT ALEXANDER George Edward  5 ACH Raymond Terrace B5207- BWM
 Lt ALLAN George Henry  NSWL Singleton B5204
167 Tpr ANDERSON Vernon George  NSWCB Clarence Town B5204
2234 Tpr APPS William   3 NSWIB Miller's Forrest B5204-RTBWM
1936 Tpr APTHORPE Aubrey Vincent  DOW 3 NSWMR Sawyer's Gully B5204:MDM
507 Tpr AVARD Frederick  DOW NSWL E Mait B5204-RTBWM
3077 Pte AVERY George  NSWAMC Mulbring B5204
226 Tpr BARCLAY Robert David  NSWL Singleton B5204
1304 Tpr BARNES William Arthur  3 NSWIB Singleton B5204
1663 Tpr BEOSE H J  BMI Singleton Oz-Data
614 Sgt BERRIE Thomas Alexander  2 NSWMR Mait B5204
63 Pte BOWCOCK Edward  3 QMI Singleton B5172
  Lt BOWDEN Thomas Leslie  1 ACH Mait B5207
453 Cpl BOWES Charles Henry  PLH Morpeth WbW
 Lt BOWKER Harold  1 AH / SAC Raymond Terrace B5206-BWM
2359 Tpr BRACKENRIGG Trevelyn Lyons  3 NSWMR Mait B5204
817 Tpr BRADY William Hope  NSWL Singleton B5204
281 Tpr BRASSELL Thomas Joseph  5 ACH Mait B5207
313 Cpl BRIDGE Benjamin William  1 ACH Wollombi B5204
1575 Tpr BROOKER Samuel George  3 NSWMR Singleton B5204
1068 Tpr BROSE Henry Joseph  1 AH Singleton B5204
2428 Tpr BROUGHTON George  3 NSWIB Mait B5204
2441 Gnr BROWNE Henry Frederick 3 NSWMR Laguna B5204
112 Tpr BROWNE Charles Simon  5 ACH Singleton B5207
  Maj BURNAGE Granville John   3 NSWMR Dungog B5204
8 Tpr BURSTON John Stewart  5 ACH Sandy Creek B5207
1183 Sh.Smth BUTLER Reuben John  3 NSWMR Singleton B5204
3276 Tpr CABAN James Valentine  3 NSWMR Millfield B5204
  Lt CADDEN Reginald Naylor   3 NSWIB Kurri B5204
165 Cpl CAMPBELL William   1 NSWMR Raymond Terrace B5204-BWM
9 Tpr CHALLEN Frederick  5 ACH Sandy Creek B5207
42 Tpr CHARLES George  NSWCB Mait B5204 -NMH
805 Tpr CHILCOTT Osbourne Alexander  NSWL Singleton B5204
304 Sh.Smth CLARKE Ernest Martin  5 ACH Bulga B5207
50 Pte COBB John  3 QMI Mait B5172-MDM
163 Tpr COBBY George Arthur  NSWCB Mait B5204
323 Cpl COBCROFT Percy Henry  NSWCB E Mait B5204
9 Sgt COLES James Howe  1 NSWMR Patrick's Plains B5204
116 Pte CONNOLLY Thomas James  NSWIB E Mait B5204
  Lt CONNOLLY John Bartholomew  3 ACH Scot's Flat B5207
1812 Fr/Sgt CONNORS Francis  3 ACH Morpeth B5207
1162 Pte COOMBES Charles Joseph   3 ACH Hexham B5207
  Lt CORY George Charles  3 ACH Vacy B5207
358 L/Cpl COULTER Charles W  NSWAMC Mait B5204
335 Pte COX William James   NSWIB Mait B5204
678 Cpl CRAWFORD George Robert  NSWIB Wollombi B5204
  CRIDLANDCharles   Raymond TerraceBWM
10 Sgt CRISP Herbert Edward  5 ACH Singleton B5207
    DANGAR Clive Colingwood  13 HSRS Singleton Oz-Data
  Hon.Lt DELOHERY Henry Charles Morriset  NSWAMC E Mait B5204
300 L/Cpl DOWSE Arthur T  1 NSWMR Singleton B5204
337 Pte DOWSE Ernest William  NSWIB Singleton B5204
2818 Tpr DUGGAN Edward  3 NSWMR Mait B5204
16 Cpl DUNSTAN Richard Edwin  5 ACH Singleton B5207
165 Pte EAGLETON Alexander William KIA 5 QIB Clarence Town B5172-BWM
1505 Pte EATHER James  3 ACH Singleton B5207
215 Tpr EDWARDS Thomas  NSWCB Mait B5204
3524 Cpl EDWARDS Arthur Robert  3 NSWIB Morpeth B5204
3293 Cpl ELLIOTT James   3 NSWMR Mait B5204
1633 Tpr EVANS Harry   3 ACH Mait B5207
  Tpr FAIRHALL Alfred  Imp. Yeo Hexham RTDHS
39 Pte FARRELL Walter  NSWIB Mait B5204
2149 Tpr FARRELL Patrick   3 NSWIB Sawyer's Gully B5204:MDM
235 Tpr FAULKNER Percy  NSWL Singleton B5204
350 L/Cpl FISHBURN William R   NSWAMC Singleton B5204
   FLOWER Augustine (Gus) S.   E Mait NMH
1730 Tpr FOLEY William  3 NSWMR Mait B5204
  Chaplin FOREMAN Henry Clifton S.   3 NSWIB Greta B5204-BWM
709 Pte FOSTER William Macquarie  NSWIB Mt Vincent B5204
1244 Tpr FOX Thomas Patrick  3 NSWMR Allandale B5204
225 Pte FULLFORD Aubrey Charles G  NSWCB Mait B5204-MDM
80 Sgt GILFILLAN John Robert J  1 NSWMR Mait B5204
51PteGILLWilliam  NSWAMCMaitB5204
2937DvrGILLEdward  RAA E MaitB5204:MDM
  GILLIES Carlyle  ILH Mait Oz-Data
1406 Fr/Sgt GILLIES Wallace Thomas  3 ACH Mait B5207
   GILLIESRaymond Bruce Brab. HMaitB5204
  GILLIESJohn St Clair Can. CntgtMaitOz-Data
246PteGILLIESNeil Patrick  NSWCBMaitB5204-NMH
1100TprGIOVANELLIWilliamKIA BMI Millfield B5203
 Lt GOULD George Edward   5 ACH Singleton B5207
 Lt GOULD Albert Clarence Montrose  NSWIB Singleton B5204
2147 Tpr GRAHAM George Ethelbert  3 NSWMR Mait B5204
918 Tpr GRANT Francis (Frank) George   2 NSWMR Mait B5204:MDM
1370 Cpl GREER Hubert   3 NSWMR Mait B5204
201 Tpr GREY Arthur Percy Briton DOD NSWCB Gresford B5204
  Tpr GREY Martin Leslie Gordon Acc Kd 1 ACH Gresford MDM
173 Tpr GRIFFEN Ernest   2 NSWMR Mait B5204
674 Tpr GUERIN John Aloysious  2 NSWMR Singleton B5204
460 Tpr GUNNING Thomas Francis  NSWCB Morpeth B5204
 Lt HALLETT James William  NSWCB Singleton B5204
2207 Tpr HARBOURNE Robert David  3 NSWIB Warkworth B5204
689 Tpr HARMER John Alfred   1 AH Singleton B5204
146 Pte HARRIS William Edward  NSWIB Singleton B5204
956 Tpr HART Percy Shadrock  2 NSWMR Raymond Terrace B5204
3593 Sgt.Maj HART Ernest Watkins  3 NSWMR Raymond Terrace B5204
17 Tpr HART William John   3 NSWMR Raymond Terrace B5204-BWM
 Tpr HAWKINS Harry  SRGds Mait Oz-Data
2663 Tpr HEFFERNAN George James  NSWIB Branxton B5204
57 Pte HICKEY John Francis  1 NSWMR Mait B5204
2581 Gnr HICKEY Walter  RAA Mait B5204
158 Pte HILL Arthur  5 ACH Raymond Terrace B5207-BWM
225 Tpr HILL Compton Thomas   2 NSWMR Singleton B5204
 Lt HINDMARSH Henry Ernest  3 NSWMR Raymond Terrace B5204+BWM
798 Pte HONNES William  NSWAMC Gresford B5204
818 Tpr HOUSTON John  NSWL Singleton B5204
322 Q/Sgt HOWARTH John  NSWAMC Hinton B5204
2952 Gnr HOWE Patrick John   RAA E Greta B5204
105 Tpr HOWELL Edgar Robert   5 ACH E Mait B5207
1126 Tpr HUFF John Edward   3 NSWMR Mait B5204
2567 Tpr HULKS William Robert   3 NSWMR Singleton B5204
2281 Sgt HUMPHREYS Thomas Joseph   3 NSWIB Mait B5204
366 Tpr JACKSON Frederick Joseph  NSWCB Congewai B5204
1413 Cpl JOHNSON Eugene Vigil  3 NSWMR Mait B5204:MDM
356 Pte JONES John   1 NSWMR E Mait B5204-MDM
165 Tpr JONES Herbert Clarke  BVC E Mait WbW
948 Cpl JUNOR Charles Ernest  NSWL Hinton B5204
97 SQMSgt KEENE Thomas Evans   NSWCB Raymond Terrace B5204
16 Cpl KELMAN William Nivison   NSWCB Mait B5204
919 Tpr KING Augustus Hadden   NSWL Mait B5204
22 Tpr KING Robert Edwin   5 ACH Rothbury B5207
72 Tpr LACKEY Albert Mathew   5 ACH E Mait B5207
1589 Cpl LAMB James  3 ACH Seaham B5207-RTBWM
1017 Tpr LANGSFORD William Henry  1 AH Singleton B5204
  Maj LEE George Leonard (DSO, MID) NSWL Mait B5204
24 Tpr LETHBRIDGE Frederick Augustus  5 ACH Mait B5207
190 Tpr MACDONALD William Wallace   NSWCB Mait B5204
2418 Tpr MACDONALD Bartholomew  3 NSWIB East Greta B5204
 Maj MACLEAN Allan Lloyd (DSO) 2 NSWMR E Mait B5204
1688 Tpr MAHER James Peter   3 NSWMR Morpeth B5204
758 Tpr MAINSTONE Clive Beresford   2 NSWMR Mait B5204
1080 Tpr MALARTIC Aumand Claude   1 AH Glennies Creek B5204
3315 Cpl MATTHEWS James P   3 NSWMR Singleton B5204
933 Tpr MAYO Leslie Howard   2 NSWMR Raymond Terrace B5204
1812 Tpr MAYO Sydney Selwyn DOD 2 NSWMR Raymond Terrace B5204
3385 Pte MCCOSKER William Bernard   NSWAMC Singleton B5204
69PteMCCRANEJohn Arthur  NSWIBCessnockB5204
2628GnrMCDONALDArchibald   RAA MaitB5204
8 Tpr MCDONALD Allan   NSWCB Raymond Terrace B5204-BWM
122 Sgt MCDONALD Cecil Allan   7 ACH Singleton B5207
 Capt MCGLINN John Patrick  1 NSWMR Mait B5204
 Pte MCGLINN Edward T  SA Postal Serv Mait DHD
290 Tpr MCGOVERN Walter Reginald   5 ACH Mait B5207
874 Cpl MCRAE Finlay O'Neal   2 NSWMR E Mait B5204:MDM
1460 Cpl MCSHANE William   3 NSWMR Mait B5204
440 Sgt MCWILLIAMS Thomas Morris   3 NSWIB Dungog B5198
 Surg Lt MEREDITH John Baldwin   NSWAMC Raymond Terrace B5204-BWM
  Capt MIDDLETON Cecil Ernest Albert   3 NSWIB Morpeth B5204
1649 Q/Sgt MILLS John Hopping  NSWAMC E Mait B5204
52 Tpr MILLS Robert James   5 ACH Mait B5207
593 Trptr MINCH Thomas John   1 AH Singleton B5204
141 Pte MITCHELL Charles Henry   1 NSWMR Mait B5204-MDM
2165 Cpl MOORE Frederick George  3 NSWMR E Mait B5204
784 Cpl MOORE William Archibald   3 NSWMR Singleton B5204
80 Pte MORRIS Percy Herbert   1 NSWMR Singleton B5204
520 Pte MORRIS Thomas Henry   5 QIB Singleton B5172
242 Tpr MORRIS Thomas Charles   NSWL Singleton B5204
3223 Tpr MOSS Aubrey   3 NSWIB Mait B5204
 Lt MOY Patrick Joseph DCM MID Hasler's Scts Singleton Oz-Data
823 Tpr MOYLAN Bede John   NSWL Singleton B5204
182 Cpl MULLARD William   NSWL Mait B5204
2606 Gnr MULLEN James   RAA Mait B5204
597 Tpr MURPHY George William  2 NSWMR Clarence Town B5204
263TprNEWELLFrank 2 NSWMRDungogB5204
151SgtNEWELL Vincent NSWCB DungogB5204
30CplNICHOLSONAlexander Douglas 5 ACH AllandaleB5207
 CaptNICHOLSONCharles Edward NSWL MaitB5204:MDM
968 Tpr NIX Thomas  2 NSWMR Hexham B5204
56 Cpl NOTT Frank Ernest   3 QMI Mait B5172
839 L/Cpl OSBORN William   2 NSWMR Miller's Forrest B5204:MDM
51 Tpr OSBORNE Arthur Edward  1 ACH Miller's Forrest B5207
222 Trptr PAPWORTH William R   NSWL Singleton B5204
103 Tpr PARKER Edwin   5 ACH Singleton B5207
1254 Tpr PATTERSON Richard  3 NSWMR Mait B5204:MDM
  Capt PEEK John Harold   3 NSWMR Mait B5204
21 Trptr PEEK Rupert De Lacey  NSWCB E Mait B5204
324 Tpr PERCIVAL Frederick John 5 ACH Allandale B5207
2205 Tpr PERRIN Benjamin George   3 NSWMR Dungog B5204
336 Tpr PICKETT William Rowland   1 ACH Hinton B5207
3340 Tpr PIGGOTT William Henry  3 NSWMR Mait B5204
891 Gnr PITT Oswald Saunders DOW 3 NSWMR Mait B5204
461 Tpr PLAYFORD William George   2 NSWMR Mait B5204:MDM
   POGONOSKI Kasimir Thomas    Raymond Terrace BWM
2466 Cpl PORTEUS Arthur  RAA Mait B5204
2950 Tpr PRICE Edward  2 NSWMR Mait B5204
469 Pte PRYOR Havelock  6 WAMI Greta NMH-BWM
303 Pte PUXTY Alfred (MID) NSWIB Paterson B5204
63 Tpr RANDALL William F E  1 ACH Gresford B5207
1041 Pte READ Samuel Stevenson   NSWIB Mait B5204
188 Sgt RHODENBACK Henry   3 NSWIB Mait B5207
2599 Gnr RIDGE Leo   RAA Wollombi B5204
390 Pte RIGG Malcolm   1 NSWMR E Mait B5204-MDM
2473 Tpr RILEY Andrew William   3 NSWIB Mait B5204
574 Tpr ROBERTS John Alexander   NSWL Singleton B5204
3152 Tpr ROBINSON Reginald Stanley  2 NSWMR Mait B5204:MDM
 S/bearer ROBINSON Fred KIA Natal AMB. Mait B5204
 Sgt ROGERSON George John   Brab.H Singleton B5204 - Oz-Data
19 Fr/Sgt ROSE Ernest  NSWL Singleton B5204
1603 Sgt ROSTRON Alexander   3 ACH Greta B5204-BWM
3669 Tpr ROWLAND William Henry  3 NSWIB Morpeth B5204
1388 Pte ROY Benjamin  NSWIB Dungog B5204
180 Pte RUDD Thomas Noble   5 WAMI Greta NMH-BWM
 Capt RUNDLE William John Scott (DSO, MID)DOW Brad. H Mait B5204-RTBWM
1597 Tpr RYAN John Henry  3 NSWMR Millfield B5204
79 Tpr RYAN William Augustus   5 ACH Scott's Flat B5207
 Capt SCOBIE Robert  3 NSWMR Mait B5204:MDM
2806 Tpr SEAWARD William  2 NSWMR Mait B5204:MDM
2871 Dvr SEWARD Samuel George   RAA Mait B5204
109 Pte SHADDOCK Arthur John   1 NSWMR Singleton B5204
111 Tpr SHEEHAN Alfonson   1 ACH Singleton B5207
165 Tpr SHEPHERD Henry   NSWCB Glendon B5204
158 Tpr SILKE John Stewart   BVC Mait WbW
133 Tpr SINGLETON Benjamin Charles  NSWIB Singleton B5204
280 Pte SMITH Albert George   1 NSWMR E Mait B5204-MDM
1609 Cpl SMITH Arthur  3 ACH Hinton B5207
203 Tpr SMITH George Alexander  2 NSWMR Mait B5204
36 Tpr SMITH Ernest Edward   5 ACH Mait B5207
138 SQMSgt SMITH Samuel Joseph   Damant's H Wollombi Oz-Data
75 Tpr SMITH John   1 ACH Singleton B5207
920 Tpr SOMERVILLE John Samuel   3 NSWIB Raymond Terrace B5204-BWM
 War Corro SQUIRE William A    Mait MDM
 Lt STEWART David John  3 NSWMR Hinton B5204:MDM
210 Tpr STRATFORD George James   NSWL Thornton B5204-RTBWM
 Lt STUART Frederick William   3 NSWMR Mait B5204
1754 Sgt STUBBS William  3 ACH Paterson B5207
1055 Sgt THOMAS Gilbert Arding   1 AH Morpeth B5204
3552 Tpr THOMAS Evan   2 NSWMR Rix's Creek B5204
 Lt THOMPSON John Alfred Malbon Windeyer  3 NSWMR Mait B5204:MDM
206 Sgt TONKIN James Samuel   2 NSWMR Wollombi B5204
400 Tpr TOOZE Thomas Henry   NSWL Mait B5204
828 Tpr TREATT Eric Burford   NSWL Singleton B5204
  TUCK Arthur C.   Brab. H Mait B5204
117 Tpr TURNER George Trindall   NSWCB Lostock B5205
208 Tpr TYRELL Frederick William   NSWCB Rothbury B5204
902 Tpr VICKERY George Henry   2 NSWMR Mait B5204
156 Tpr WADDELL Herbert William KIA NSWCB Singleton B5204-BWM
705 Tpr WADDELL Harold Henry   NSWL Patrick's Plains B5204
40 Tpr WAREHAM Harry Dunlop   5 ACH Singleton B5207
1226 Pte WATSON Thomas Gammol   NSWIB Mait B5204
334 L/Sgt WATTS Ernest  NSWAMC Mait B5204
797 Tpr WATTS William Wilson   NSWL Warkworth B5204
242 Tpr WEAVER Frederick Egerton Pigon   NSWCB Mait B5204
650 Pte WEBBER William James  NSWIB Morpeth B5204
40 Tpr WEBSTER Edward James  2 NSWMR Mait B5204
293 Sgt WESTON James Albert   1 ACH Hinton B5207:MDM
256 Sgt WESTON Clive Condor   NSWCB Raymond Terrace B5204-BWM
2140 Tpr WHITEHEAD Roland George   3 NSWMR Mait B5204
 Capt WILKINSON John Frederick Moore  1 AH Lochinvar B5204
591 Tpr WILKS James   NSWL Mait B5204
71 Tpr WILLIAMS William J   1 ACH Singleton B5207
218 Sgt WILLIAMS Charles James  NSWL Singleton B5204
3579 Pte WILSON David   NSWIB Hexham B5204
 SSM WINCH William   NSWL Mait B5204
121 Pte WINDEYER Ernest  1 NSWMR Tomago B5204-RTBWM
42 Tpr WOODWORTH William George  5 ACH Mait B5207
1142 Tpr YARROW Stanley Australia  3 NSWMR Mait B5204
3580 Tpr YOUNG Edward Stuart   3 NSWMR Mait B5204
226 Pte YOUNG Percy Norman   6 QIB Mait B5172

Explanation of Sources
B Series = National Archives Nominal Roll Microfilms
RTBWM = Raymond Terrace Boer War Memorial
MDM = Maitland Daily Mercury
NMH = Newcastle Morning Herald
BWM = (Local) Boer War Memorial
Oz-Data = Colin Roe OZ-Database
WbW = William (Bill) Woodmore Author " The Bushveldt Carbineers"
DHD = D H Dial
CBWM = Cessnock Boer War Memorials

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