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Martinsville Pioneer CemeteryMartinsville Cemetery began on land set aside in 1875 in an area known as The Brush, over time it became neglected and overgrown suffering the same fate as a lot of our older cemeteries. In 1981 Lake Macquarie Council took on the care and management of the cemetery and in the process renamed it North Cooranbong Cemetery.

Location: Martinsville Road

No of Burials: Unknown, as records of burials previous to 1886 have been lost

Oldest Headstone: Sarah Ann Barnes 1886

My thanks to Jenny McCarthy for transcribing the records, Lake Macquarie Council for allowing Jenny access to their records and allowing me to publish the result. Jenny can be contacted at bardensbay@bigpond.com

The headstone inscriptions are available from Jenny McCarthy

ADDISONGeoffrey William13/06/199857Y 10 3Anglican Lawn
AFFLICKHarold 3/02/1995 Y58 1General
ALECKSONThomas F29/12/1985 N51 1RC
ALLSOPPWilliam Thomas27/02/190028Y 22 1Old C of E
ANDREWSJohn6/09/191168 N  Old C of E
AXFORD Maleana18/09/18821day N   
BAILEYMarjorie Elaine30/12/1987 N 501General
BAILEYMarion Maud18/01/198979Y15 2General
BAKERSarah6/09/191082Y41 Uniting
BAKERWilliam27/04/191260Y41 Uniting
BAKERFanny6/01/192975Y51 Uniting
BALESAugustus Abraham21/05/198385Y9 1Uniting
BAMFORDGary Robert11/01/1982 N 181General
BARDENAline Blanch17/08/188211m14d N   
BARNESEliza18/12/191879N   Old C of E
BARNEST C S (Cliff)8/03/197668Y13 1RC
BARNESSarah Ann Phoebe1/06/188633Y4 1General
BASTIANRonald Walter24/10/199783Y8 1Presbyterian
BEAUCARISEarnest6/06/1983 N31 1Anglican
BELGROVESarah Violet (Grace)15/09/198971Y 202Anglican
BERGERGordon30/07/1986 N52 1RC
BIBLEJoseph7/04/194584N   Old RC
BILLINGSJane11/01/198493Y101 Uniting
BLACKETTUnnamed female17/03/19034daysN   Unknown
BOARDMANJessie Alice9/02/200053N2 2Anglican
BOARDMANJames4/01/1985 N1 2Anglican
BOWATERRex David16/09/198230Y37 1Anglican
BULLWilliam Doncaster31/05/191654N   Old C of E
BURTLECharles26/03/191370N   General
BYRNEVincent Joseph10/12/193948N   Old RC
CAMERONStacey Lee4/02/1994S/BN3 3Anglican Lawn
CAMPBELLNoelle Gladys10/04/199960Y 27 2General
CAMPBELLArchie Ian Beale13/07/198674Y 18 1Uniting
CANTRILLGordon Henry22/03/1989 Y 191Uniting
CAPPERMary Ann23/03/189854 15 3Old C of E
CAPPERWilliam11/10/19251 hrN   Uniting
CAPPERThomas5/01/191852Y153 Old C of E
CARTERFrederick6/03/1981 N15 1General
CARTRIGHTFrank19/06/197871 N   
CARTRIGHT 12/01/1987 N48 1General
CHRISTENSONCharles4/09/191154N   Old C of E
CLAYEGraham26/06/1999 N64 1General
CLEARYCatherine26/02/192464N   RC
COGGANHazel12/09/199178Y102 General
CONDRENJoseph20/09/190113 daysN   RC
CONLEYValerie1/01/1985 N50 1RC
CONLEY -- 15/06/193530MN  C of E
CONNORThomas6/08/1986 Y54 1RC
CONNORWilliam John5/03/191230N    Old C of E
CONSTANTINEHorlick14/04/1982 N 211General
COSTICHMargaret Mary4/08/193556N    RC
CUNNINGHAMVincent John1/11/1983 N 491RC
DAVEYDolores Ida May31/07/191432Y30 1Old C of E
DAVIESJack4/05/1985 N411 General
DEANRobert4/10/198152Y171 General
DENNISSKeith Haig14/11/199478Y80 1General
DODDTommy21/03/191255N   Old C of E
DONNELLYJames21/02/191355N   RC
DORAYCharles3/03/1991 N22 1Anglican
DOWDYCamila Victoria Rose Anne1/07/19893mY 142Anglican
EDWARDSWilliam Gordon2/07/198415Y35 1Anglican
ELLIOTTDagmar Florence12/07/1992  Y 242Anglican
ESCOTTSamuel 1/12/1895 3y 9m N   
EVANSEdward18/09/1984 N40 1General
EVELEIGHLeonard26/02/1986  N461General
EWERSHenry John Thomas Gray Mackay (Wally)17/3/199284Y551General
FARQUHARArchibald10/04/191228N  Old C of E
FLANNAGANJohn Godfrey29/03/1984 N 381General
FLEICHERDaniel15/07/191154N    Uniting
FRADGLEYClara Dart16/09/1980  Y 471RC
FRANCOISMatthew Marie6/12/191365N   RC
FROSTMaria10/09/192680N311 Old C of E
FROSTJames18/08/192176N321 Old C of E
FROSTFergus16/01/191529N281 Old C of E
FROSTGeorge14/01/190234N291 Old C of E
FULLERJames Howarth6/05/1996 Y 131Presbyterian
GARDINERLydia Elizabeth Alice14/03/19195N   Old C of E
GEERINGLionel8/05/1905 Y6 1General
GEERINGJohn13/01/198073Y111 General
GEERINGWarren27/09/195649Y101 General
GEERINGMillie5/09/194746Y61 General
GEERINGEllenor1/03/195071Y71 General
GEERINGStanley7/11/19013Y61 General
GOODWINEdmund Francis9/07/1981 N 14 1General
GOODWINRosanna2/06/188570N   General
GORMANAmelia5/03/187538N   General
GOULDERGeorge Edward25/03/1996  Y 62 1 General
GREEN William 1/02/1912 71 N     Old C of E
GUDSHUS Elsie Florence 28/02/1900 10m N   
GURRWilliam John16/09/1976 N45 1 RC
HALL Colin Robert30/07/1981 N 16 1 General
HAURIKI Te Patara (Peter) 6/01/1985 30 Y 1 1 Uniting
HEATONJane29/11/194079N   Old C of E
HELYEdward William22/11/191474 N   
HELY William Lewis 23/12/1900 3m N   
HENNE August Friedrich13/03/198872Y 9 2 Anglican
HENNEHelene12/06/1993 Y8 2 Anglican
HILL Florence 12/11/1997  N 5 2 Uniting
HILL Charles Leslie 28/08/1992 78 Y 5 2 Uniting
HOGAN Lloyd 17/05/1983  N 29 1 General
HOMER Irvine 12/08/1982  N 85 1 General
HOMER Irvine 11/03/1974 23 Y 86 1 General
HORGAN Elsie Amelia "Cissy" 8/02/1978 77 N 46 1 RC
HORGAN Eliza 12/04/1877 18m N   
HORGAN Lillian 7/12/1887 15m N    General
HORGAN Michael John 11/02/1885 2m N   
HORGAN unnamed male 14/04/1910 14 hrs N    General
HORGAN Sarah Jane 5/09/1935 79 N    Old C of E
HORGAN Harry Thomas 27/09/1918 30 Y 9 1 Old RC
HORGAN Jane 12/05/1925 78 Y 9 1 Old RC
HORGAN James 28/05/1923  Y 8 1 Old RC
HOSKINS Hazel 8/07/1985   N 11 1 Uniting
HOWLETT Charlotte 2/08/1989   N 56 1 RC
HOWLETT Linda 4/06/1994   N 28 1 Anglican
HYSLOP John Martin5/03/1986 81 Y 13 1 Uniting
IRWIN Clarence Beville 11/02/1995   Y 60 1 General
JENKINSON Albert 6/10/1983 82 Y 29 1 Anglican
JENKINSON Ella Olive May 9/01/1982 83 Y 28 1 Anglican
JOHNSONRudolph16/04/18994y 7m N   
JOHNSON Reginald Arthur 15/07/1982   N 24 1 General
JOHNSON Gervase 17/01/1993 89 Y 56 1 General
JONES Edward Thomas 2/01/1929 70 Y 16 1 Uniting
JONES Emmiline18/02/195289 Y17 1 Uniting
KASZAS Powell 25/01/1983 N 28 1 General
KEARNEY Jack 29/03/1988  N 58 1 RC
KEEPING Lorna May 26/06/1989 59 Y 17 2 Anglican
KELLY Patrick John 8/10/1913 82 N    RC
KENTWELL Margaret Rose 28/10/1987  Y 14 1 Uniting
KIDD Margaret Evelyn 19/08/1917 12 N  Presbyterian
KIDD Emily Frances 12/07/1930 81 N  Uniting
KIDD William Low 1/10/1909 63 N   Uniting
KIDDJean2/07/19105 w N  Presbyterian
KIDDFrancis William6/05/194069 N  Uniting
KILDEY Phoebe 15/02/1908 78 N   Old C of E
KILDEY Earnest Arthur 5/01/1915 8m N  Old C of E
KILDEYEdward13/04/190876N   Old C of E
KILDEY Ivy Lillian May 8/02/2000   Y 27 2 Old C of E
KILDEY Albert James 11/04/1976 68 Y 17 1 Anglican
KILDEYEdward Charles8/04/188121N   Old C of E
KILDEY Jack Henry 2/08/1949 41 Y 4 3 Old C of E
KILDEY John Owen 2/08/1949 74 Y 3 3 Old C of E
KILDEY Minnie Clara 2/05/1963 92 Y 4 3 Old C of E
KILDEY Millie Clara 28/12/1981 70 Y 28 2 Old C of E
KILDEY Edna Grace 16/11/1990 75 Y 5 3 Old C of E
KIRKPATRICK Euphemia 5/08/1909 85 N   Old C of E
KNOX Agnes 16/09/1915 69 N     Old C of E
KRUSTKOW Michael 9/12/1985   Y 45 1 General
LANCASTER Thelma May 29/10/1933 5m N  Old C of E
LARRUFFAN Gabriel Joseph 28/11/1993 0 Y 1 2 Presbyterian
LATHAM Keith John 31/08/1988  N 53 1 RC
LATHAM Heath 31/08/1988  N 53 1 RC
LAWRY Sarah Tregear 3/10/1905   N 4 2 Old C of E
LAWRY William 15/01/1896  N 3 2 Old C of E
LEACH Kenneth Harold 7/11/1993 58 Y 1 3 Anglican Lawn
LEACH James 4/01/1985   N 42 1 General
LEAN Robert 12/08/1909 40 N    Old C of E
LEAN Ivy Pearl 6/12/1923 32 Y 15 1 Uniting
LEAN Christopher 20/12/1907 66 N  Old C of E
LEE John Edward 2/06/1984 82 N 34 1 General
LEWIS Charles 30/03/1933 89 N  Old C of E
LOWEBernard8/11/191241 N  Old RC
LYNDALLWilliam9/07/193669N   Old C of E
MARKOVerlie Faye18/11/199830Y29 2General
MARTINElsie Gladys23/03/198671Y5 2Anglican
MATTEWSJohn Bernard1/11/1984 N42 1General
MATTEWSAlbert Stephen 4/12/1984 75 Y 271General
MATTHEWSLavina Catherine2/12/1990 Y60 1RC
MAVINHenry Edward Thomas3/12/194261N  C of E
MAVINLily Maria May16/05/192133 Y11 1Old RC
MAYHEW Samuel H J12/01/191367Y42 1Old RC
MAYHEWHenry James12/01/1913 65 N  Old C of E
McDONALDFrederick Walter15/01/19041 N   
McKNIGHTElla26/02/19023y 8m N   
McLEOD Joseph 9/09/191152N  Old RC
McMAHONLeslie23/07/1982 N271General
McMULLENWilliam Clarence2/07/196886 Y 122General
McMULLENJames Moore25/09/197085Y9 2General
McMULLENEdna 18 mthsY91 General
McMULLENElizabeth13/08/195467Y9 1General
McPHERSONAllan9/08/1988  N511 General
MEREDITHMarjorie23/10/1999  N   
MILLSAnn Catherine23/07/186848dN   General
MILLSIan4/01/1991 N162 Anglican
MILSONWilliam16/03/191026N  Uniting
MOOREHarrie Benjamin Milton18/07/198359Y 301Anglican
MORGANElsie Gladys Martin2/04/1986  N   
MORGANArnold2/09/199466Y53 Anglican Lawn
MORGANHorace Leonard19/09/196665Y87 1General
MORGANMillicent Victoria Redley18/05/198281Y 881General
MURCHIECecil16/10/199989Y123 Anglican Lawn
MURCHIE-CELINJohn Harold Thomas16/10/199989 N  Anglican Lawn
NEEDHAMSharon20/10/1987  N141 Presbyterian
NEWELLUnnamed female2/01/19273 hrs N  Old C of E
NEWELLFlorence May12/10/193443 N  Old C of E
NILONAngela Mary24/08/1991 Y611 RC
NIXONNeville14/02/199052Y591 RC
NOYESCharles5/07/191256N   RC
O'NEILNoel James8/06/1996 Y591General
OWENEdward24/05/192172N   UNITING
OWENElizabeth Mary29/05/1976 N12 1General
OWENJohn21/12/1956 N121 General
OWENOwen23/10/194266Y81 General
OWENEllinor27/02/194288N   Uniting
PARKINSONWill Woan28/01/192044N   Uniting
PECKJessie Josephine30/12/1995 Y2 3Anglican Lawn
PECKWilliam George22/06/1996 Y2 3Anglican Lawn
PENMANGwendoline14/02/1992 N83RC
PETERSLinda24/06/1994 Y103 RC
PETKOV- ANDERSONMichalia25/11/19950Y6 3Anglican Lawn
PHILLIPSJohn Ernest George26/09/198386Y 36 1General
PHILLIPSOral Faith21/12/198371Y37 1General
PHILLIPSWinifred Marguerite28/12/199175Y 351General
PHILLIPSJohn30/09/1983 N36 1 General
PIKEKerry Ian KIP15/05/198136Y26 1Anglican
POPEGeorge William2/07/199688Y7 2Uniting
POPEJoseph James21/06/196483Y7 1Uniting
POPEMartha Winifred Priscilla15/06/195068Y 61Uniting
POPEAdele Lillian7/12/199779Y4 2Uniting
POPEJames Frederick26/08/199886Y4 2Uniting
PRASNICKYJan1/11/199464Y541 General
PREESShirley Florence19/06/1992  N 20 1Uniting
PRICE Linda 28/07/1976   N 44 1 RC
PRICEEmma14/08/193385Y62 Uniting
PULLINMichael19/02/200036Y163 Anglican Lawn
PYERSJames26/07/191172N  Old C of E
RAFFERTYRichard28/12/191062N   Old RC
RALSTONEmily Gertrude4/06/19265 hrs N   
RAYFIELDIrving Thomas (Meggs)12/02/199881Y 791General
RAYFIELDEdna23/06/1999 Y791 General
RAYFIELDThomas29/12/198675Y551 RC
REEVESEdna Grace20/11/1990 N132 Anglican
ROBERTSJohn14/01/1984 N311 General
ROBINSONRichard21/07/1987 Y72Anglican
RUSSELLLlewelyn George05/04/192717N  Old C of E
RUSSELLAlick26/07/192973N  Old C of E
RUTSLINIda7/09/18954y 6m N   
SAGERJohn James Maloney23/11/1981 N20 1General
SHACKELTONFrancis Alexander Ernest18/05/1982  N221General
SHEEHANPatrick24/12/191382N00 Old RC
SHERRINGNina10/12/1987 N491General
SINNOTTEdward Sarsfiedl5/09/191380 N  Old RC
SMALLErnest E4/10/198879Y132 Anglican
SMITHWilliam C A18/04/195276Y23 2Old C of E
SMITHErnest Edward7/10/19072Y24 2Old C of E
SMITHJames7/02/188545N   General
SOLERJoseph28/05/1986 N471 General
STEELENatasha Theresa19/08/19860N7 1Presbyterian
STEWARTColin Bruce29/03/1990 N21 2Anglican
STOKESStacey Lee20/10/198576Y23 2Anglican
STOKESDavid Joseph Walter 'Joe'5/05/198874Y 42Anglican
STOKESIvy Doris23/10/198576Y3 2 Anglican
STRAIN Montague19/11/193071N   General
SUBLETNeta Margaret9/06/1905 Y57 1Old C of E
SUNDERLANDJames4/02/1992 N531 General
TAYLOR James Fergus 14/05/1929 20 Y 51 2 Old C of E
TAYLOR Fergus 11/09/1949 82 Y 50 2 Old C of E
TAYLORTrevor James1/11/1990 N23 2Anglican
TAYLOREdward Silas15/11/192382 N  Old RC
TAYLORRose Ann24/05/192379N00 Old RC
THOMASHugh29/12/198675Y551 RC
THOMAS Eric H D8/07/1985 N441 General
THOMPSONKirk Benjamin3/05/19797 daysY 201Anglican
THOMPSONArthur Gordon7/06/1982 N23 1General
TOBINCatharine3/12/192259N   Old RC
TOWEYJohn21/01/191072N   Old RC
TUCKERElizabeth Dorothy13/02/198491N 321Anglican
VANDENHOEKElizabeth21/01/199236Y62 1RC
WALPOLEJanice10/01/1994 Y571 General
WALSHDaniel John20/10/1997 Y73 Anglican Lawn
WARD ----- 29/08/1935 SB N   Uniting
WARNERAlbert Stephen4/12/198475Y43 1General
WEBSTERFrank19/06/197871Y151 Anglican
WEBSTERJanet Elizabeth21/01/199282Y 161Anglican
WEHRFranz Ludwig Eduard12/01/1990 Y15 1Uniting
WELLINGSLaura Jane16/06/192125Y55 1Old C of E
WELLSJohn22/10/1993  N521 General
WHEELERWilliam Arthur Ernest9/07/197767Y 181General
WHITEGladys May9/02/1988 N62 Anglican
WHOLERTElizabeth9/06/192166 N   Uniting
WILDEGwendoline14/02/1992 N141RC
WILDERClinton Murray14/11/1980 N49 1RC
WILKINSONRobert8/08/198378Y11 Presbyterian
WILKINSONThomas24/07/198474Y51 Presbyterian
WILKINSONMary19/10/193970Y11 Presbyterian
WILKINSONElizabeth9/07/18972y 9mN1 1Presbyterian
WILLIAMSAda Mary10/11/191210 mthsN  Uniting
WILSONWilliam16/03/191026Y21 Uniting
WOLFERobert Thomas22/08/1983 N30 1General
WOODEliza Martha (Owen)16/02/198281Y 811General
WOODWARDMary Ann16/04/193275Y12 1RC
WOODWARDHenry22/11/193672N   Old RC
WORLEYJames8/04/192375N   Old C of E
WORLEYHenry Robert20/08/191580Y14 1Old C of E
WORLEYHenry24/07/189732Y131 Old C of E
YOUNGHugh Edward20/11/198169N19 1General

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