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The original St Johns Church, now demolished, which stood in the grounds of the cemetery.

Location: Cnr Martinsville & Government Roads
No of Burials: Unknown
Earliest Burial: Henry Denney died 27/10/1871

Photo courtesy of Jenny McCarthy

My thanks to Jenny McCarthy for transcribing the records, Lake Macquarie Council for allowing Jenny access to their records and allowing me to publish the index. Jenny can be contacted at bardensbay@bigpond.com

ARGENTBert. Edward13/8/8179YD103In memory of Bert. Edward Argent 22.3.12 - 13.8.81 Forever with his Lord. Missed by all
ARMITAGEWalter7/3/18901mthN [Son of James & Sarah Collins]
ARMITAGECharles Alexander15/2/188111mths  N [Son of William Alexander & Rebecca nee Deaves Armitage]
BAILEY Beatrice Beaven12/5/18813YC1In loving memory of Beatrice Beaven beloved daughter of Thomas & Mary Ann Bailey born Dec 2nd 1877 died May 12 1881
BARWICKAlbert Leonard16/11/7458YC59 In loving memory of my dear Husband, our Father and Grandfather, Albert Leonard Barwick died 16th November 1974, aged 58 years
BEAVENWilliam Everard29/11/18866wksN [Son of William and Alice Emma nee Bridge]
BEAVENAlice May21/11/18857mths N  
BENDEICHJoseph Henry25/4/6948YD98In loving memory of a loving Husband and Father, Joseph Henry Bendeich ,died 25th April 1969 aged 48 years In God's care
BENNETTElizabeth24/10/189975 N  
BISBYIrwin Charles29/12/7358YC51In memory of a loving husband and father, Irwin Charles Bisby, died 29th Dec. 1973 aged 58 years. At Rest
BISBYEileen Dorothy7/11/9069YC51In memory of a loving Wife and Mother, Eileen Dorothy Bisby, died 7th Nov 1990 aged 69 years At Rest
BRIDGEJames Matthew30/7/188234N [Son of Thomas & Sarah nee Furnance]
BRIDGEWilliam Joseph3/8/188233N [Son of Thomas & Sarah nee Furnance]
BRIDGEMathew Walter9/12/832ys 8mthN  [Son of James Matthew and Charlotte nee Deaves]
BRIDGEWilliam Thomas20/4/18863yrs 10mN [Son of William & Hannah nee Beaven]
BROCKETT Thomas Stephenson 7/10/38 46 Y D35 T.S. Brockett Born 1892 Died 1938 L.W.F.
CAPPER Thomas 5/1/18 52 N  
CAPPERJames22/9/2484N [Husband of Mary Ann Capper who is buried at Martinsville]
CATHAL (WYLIE) Patrick John 14/5/80 71 Y D151 In loving memory of Patrick John Cathal (Wylie) passed away 14th May 1980 aged 71 years
COLLINSSophia Matilda20/1/1081 N  
COOPERHester Frail25/5/0811mthsN  [Daughter of Charles & Ada nee Heaton]
COOPERCharles James13/5/1743 N  
CRONANCheryl11/11/88S/BYC23Our little darling, Cheryl Cronan, 11th Nov 1988. In God's care
DAYKenneth2/2/7245YC50In loving memory of our beloved son, Kenneth Day, died 2nd February 1972 aged 45 years
DEAVESHerbert Ernest7/4/3549 N  
DEAVESFrederick William8/8/4581 N  
DEAVESUnnamed Male16/12/18911 day N Mother - Dora
DEAVESHarriett18/3/8395 N  
DEAVES Maude22/5/18812N [Daughter of John & Annie]
DEAVES John29/8/188867N  [Daughter of John & Harriett]
DEAVESPercy18/7/189411mthsN  [Son of James & Ettie Deaves]
DEAVESCharlotte Mary23/7/1027N  [Daughter of Henry James Mavin & Charlotte]
DEAVESUnnamed male9/7/196hrsN  [Son of William Joseph & Annie]
DEAVESArthur Lyall21/12/6774YC47In loving memory of my beloved Husband and our dear Father, Arthur Lyall Deaves, died 21st Dec. 1967 aged 74 years Fardy & Nanna Re-United At Rest DEAVES
DEAVESBetty June15/6/7443YC53In loving memory of my dear Wife and our Mother, Betty June Deaves, who fell asleep 15th June 1974 aged 43 years In God's Care
DEAVESHazel B22/7/7248YD81In loving memory of our dear Mother, Hazel B Deaves, died 22nd July 1972 aged 47 years Re-united in God's Care. Grandfather Nanna (Photos)
DEAVESMuriel Alice29/6/7774Y D101 In loving memory of our dear Mother, Muriel Alice Deaves, died 29th June 1977 aged 74 years In God's care In God's Care
DEAVESPhillip18/8/7071YD100In loving memory of my dear husband and our father, Phillip Deaves, died 18th July 1970 aged 71 years In God's Care
DEAVESSophia19/1/1081YD27In loving memory of our dear Mother, Sophia Deaves, died 19th Jan 1910 aged 81 years.
DEAVESWilliam9/9/189975Y D26 Sacred to the memory of William Deaves, died 9th Sept 1899, aged 75 years & 5 months. Safe in the arms Jesus
DEAVESJeffrey James2/5/7248YC46In loving memory of my beloved Husband our dear Father Son and Brother, Jeffrey James Deaves, accidentally killed 2nd May 1972 aged 48 years. Till we meet again DEAVES
DEAVES Elsie13/1/9192YC47In loving memory of and his beloved Wife, Elsie Deaves, died 13th Jan 1991 aged 92 years. Fardy & Nanna Re-United. At Rest DEAVES
DEAVESWilfred14/1/9270YD80In loving memory of our dear Father, Wilfred (Bill) Deaves, died 14th January 1992 aged 70 years Reunited in God's Care. Grandfather, Nanna (Photos)
DEAVESJosephine Myrtle22/10/9695YD121 In loving memory of our dear Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother, Josephine Myrtle Deaves, passed away 22nd October 1996 aged 95 years Reunited in God's Care
DEAVESRaymond Phillip29/4/8253YC54 In loving memory of our death Father and companion, Raymond Phillip Deaves, passed away 29th April 1982 aged 53 years. In God's Care. From his loving friend Betty
DEAVESWilliam30/12/18734 yrsN [Son of William & Sophia Collins Deaves]
DEAVESGregory9/5/96 N  
DENNEYHenry27/10/187154YD17Erected by his children. In loving memory of their Father, Henry Denney, who was accidentally killed whilst felling a tree at Mount Falk 27th Oct 1871 aged 54 years. They will be done, Boast not today nor call tomorrow thing, Thou mightst be called away, By sudden death like mine
DENNEYEmily24/11/18736 daysN   [Daughter of Henry Joseph Denney & Mary Ann nee Frost]
DENNEYMary Ann29/11/187311daysN  [Daughter of Henry Joseph Denney & Mary Ann nee Frost]
DEWHURSTBaby  NC33[unmarked grave at top of Row 3]
DEWHURSTDaphne Vera15/3/9975N D22? 
DOUGLASSEllen29/5/188153YD2 In loving memory of Ellen, the beloved Wife of John Douglass, died May 29 1881 aged 53 years XI months. In hope of eternal life .. Chapter 1 2 verse
DRAYCOTTSybil May24/3/8975YD155In loving memory of Sybil Mary Draycott 19.2.1914-24.3.1989. Loved Wife, Mother and Nanna. Forever in our hearts
DRAYCOTTWilfred Arthur19/5/9474YD156 In loving memory of Wilfred Arthur Draycott 20.2.2916 - 19.5.1994 Loved Husband "Uncle Bill" Forever in our hearts
DWYERW.E.28/9/5672YD87A.I.F. 501 - Trooper W.E. Dwyer, 2LJ Bde M Gun Squdrn, 28th September 1956 age 72, dearly loved and sadly missed by Wife Olive, Sons and daughters
DWYERCecelia Olive11/2/8490Y3and dearly beloved Mother, C.O. Dwyer, beloved wife of above, died 11th Feb. 1984 aged 90 years
FAULDSJohn William16/2/7457YC52In loving memory of my dear Husband and our Father, John William Faulds, died 16th Feb 1974 aged 57 years. In God's Care
FOSTER Nora Irene20/2/359mths N  
FRANCEWilliam21/9/3856 N  
FROSTSarah May24/11/188411mths N d of William & Dinah
FROSTAlfred Ernest13/12/18868mths 9dN [Son of William & Dinah Denny]
FROSTCharles William10/11/18843 N s of William & Dinah
GAMBRILLPearl Elinor19/8/18938y4N [Daughter of Theodore & Angeline Sarah Woolcock]
GARDINERDavid James29/4/0515YC26 "Sacred to the memory of David James, beloved son of Peter & Lydia Gardiner, who departed this life April 29th 1905 aged 15 years "He cometh forth like a flower and is cut down: He fleeth also as a shadow and continueth not: Job XIV.2 He was but a jewel lent us to sparkle in our midst awhile then God called and took his treasure before he knew our earthly guile"
GARDINERLydia E.A.13/3/1957YC26 Sacred to the Memory of Lydia E.A. beloved Wife of Peter Gardiner, who departed this life March 13th 1919 aged 57 years. Peace Perfect Peace
GARTHBenjamin Humphrey6/11/187713mths N  
GAVENLOCKKenneth25/4/7255YD45In memory of a loving Husband and Father, Kenneth Gavenlock, born 31.7.16 died 25.4.72
GIBSONJason Thomas14/10/7410YC57In loving memory of our dear Son and Brother, Jason Thomas Gibson, called home 14th Oct 19974 aged 10 years. In God's Care
GLASSJean Ferguson10/2/1320 N  
GORTONViolet Dalziel7/3/7685YD42In loving memory of our Mother, Violet Dalziel Gorton 7.3.76 aged 85 years
GORTONNewman27/5/5875YD42In loving memory of our Father, Newman Gorton, 27.5.58 aged 75 years
GRAYKeith Dudley31/10/227yrs 7mN [Son of Oswald & Amelia Rose White]
GUDSHUSElsie Florence 28/2/0010M N  
GUNNINGEmma Eliza10/12/18975mths 11d N d of John & Harriet
GUNNINGHarriet Annie29/12/1896 N d of Alexander & Emma
GVINZADSEAnsim26/11/6395YD93In loving memory of Ansim Gvinsadse, aged 95 years, died 26.11.1963
HADLONGeorge Edward21/5/188010 m N s of George & Bridget
HEATONBertha1/8/7679YC63In loving memory of my dear Wife and our Mother, Bertha Heaton, passed away 1st August 1976, aged 79 years. Sadly missed
HEATONNorman George17/3/6634YD96A tribute to the memory of Norman George Heaton, loving Husband and Father, fatally injured 17th March 1966 aged 34 years. Resting
HEATONEdward James24/7/8487YC63In loving memory of her dear Husband and our Father, Edward James Heaton, passed away 24th July 1984 aged 87 years. Sadly missed
HELYThomas Battley15/6/0058 N  
HELYWilliam Lewis George23/12/003mths N  
HELYWilliam Edward22/11/1474 N  
HERRINGGeorgia15/1/8264YD103In loving memory of Georgia Herring, nee Sternbeck, passed away 15.1.1982, aged 64 years Wife of Henry Leslie Herring, passed away 19 12.1982 aged 75 years. In God's Care
HERRINGHenry Leslie19/12/8275YD102 In loving lmemory of Georgia Herring nee Sternbeck passed away 15.1.1982 aged 64 years Wife of Henry Leslie Herring passed away 19 12.1982 aged 75 years. In God's Care
HOLLINGSJames Alexander18/8/3676YD31 In memory James Alexander Hollings, died 18th Aug 1936, aged 76 years
HOLTHarold John14/6/274mths N  
HORGANPatrick James19/8/8578YD43 Our Parents, Patrick James Horgan, died 19th Aug. 1985 aged 78 years. In God's loving care.
HORGANBarbara Helen28/2/9483YD42 Barbara Helen Horgan, died 28th Feb 1994 aged 83 years. In God's loving care
HUGHESEmma26/11/187410mths N d of Edward & Sarah
HUNTERLydea Margaret Jane14/2/18829mths N d of William & Sarah
HUNTERWilliam30/4/188931YC18Sacred to the memory of William Hunter, who departed this life 30th April 1889 aged 31 years. A faithful husband and Father dear, Beneath this stone is buried here, Till our Saviour Christ shall say, Arise ye blest and come away.
HUNTERRichard Henry14/5/6172 N  
HUNTERWilliam Archibald21/12/6679N  [Buried in Family Grave]
JACKSONJohn Francis28/2/18791yr 3mths N s of Henry & Mary A
JOHNSONRudolph16/4/18994yr 7mths N s of Walter & Margaret
JOHNSONJohn Henry8/8/2275 N  
JOHNSONKathleen Mary22/3/7752YD149 In loving memory of Kathleen Mary Johnson, died 22nd March 1977, aged 52 years. In God's keeping. Tom, Christine and Kerry
KINGRobert Henry19/7/188358YA16 Husband of Anne, Father of Horace G. [Headstone face down]
KINGAnne21/4/2683YA15In loving memory of Anne King, beloved Wife of Robert Henry King, died 21st April 1926 aged 83 years The eternal God is thy refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms. Deut 35C 27v
KINGJohn Charles27/4/4771YA17In loving memory of John Charles King, who died 27th April 1947 aged 71 years, a brother and beloved ?
KINGAlexander Henry11/9/5882YA18 Alexander Henry King, who died 11th Sept 1958, aged 82 years
KINGHorace Carswell2/7/3051YB15 Son of Robert H and Anne [Headstone not found - probably inscription on Robert H's headstone which is face down]
LANCASTEREdith Alice May5/5/18775yrs 8mths N d of Joseph & Mary A
LANCASTERGeorge Walter6/5/18771yr 7mths N s of Joseph & Mary A
LEWISSarah Jane20/9/4583 N  
LIVINGSTONLaurel Adrienne28/1/9453Y D177In loving memory of my dear Wife, our Mother Grandmother and Daughter, Laurel Adrienne Livinston nee Cooper, called home 28th Jan 1994 aged 53 years. Forever in our hearts [Photo]
LYELLDavid Arthur7/8/6034YD90In loving memory of David Arthur Lyell, died Aug 7 1960, aged 34. We'll meet again
MARCHAmos John30/9/3850YD34Also Amos John March, died 30th Sept 1938, aged 50 years. At Rest
MARCHFrances Isabel27/11/5360YD33 In loving memory of Frances Isabele March, died 27th Nov 1953, aged 60 years
MARCHANTThomas21/11/0370 N  
MARSHIsaac5/7/6960 N  
MASTERS Sarah Ann 28/9/20 77 N  [Daughter of Benjamin Bridge & Susanna Craft]
McINTOSHAnne Catherine16/6/59  N  
McKNIGHTElla26/2/023yrs 8mN [Daughter of William & Emma Bevan]
McLARDYRoland Hall31/8/2138N  
McMULLENWilliam Clarence2/7/6886 N  
MILLSAda Emily Clara26/7/5594YD37 And our dear Mother, Ada Emily Clara, died 26th July 1955 aged 94 years. At Rest
MILLSAlexander26/11/3875YD38In loving memory of my dear Husband & our Father, Alexander Mills, died 26th Nov 1938 aged 75. At Rest
MOFFATMichael22/4/18809mthsN [Son of James R & Sarah nee Frost Moffat]
MOFFITTSarah Agnes20/5/188910mN [Daughter of James M and Sarah nee Frost]
MORGANHorace leonard19/9/6665 N  
MURPHYDoris Evelyn May5/1/0311mths N  
NEILSENKevin Christopher12/11/8450Y D152 In loving memory of Kevin Christopher Neilsen, died 12th November 1984, aged 50 years
PARKERClarence16/12/202days N  
PARKERCharles Alwin28/11/083M N  
PARKERS/B 6/1/39N  D39  
PARKERBarbara Helen7/11/4475YD44 Grandparents Barbara Helen Parker died 7th Nov 1944 aged 74 years In God's loving Care
PARKERCatherine16/9/80100YC38In loving memory of also his beloved Wife Catherine Parker, died 11th Sept 1951 aged 87 years. Reunited. Forget me not. PARKER
PARKERHenry Phillip7/10/4285YD43 Grandparents Henry Phillip Parker died 7th Oct. 1942 aged 84 years In God's loving care
PARKERJoshua16/8/4483YC39In loving memory of my dear Husband, Joshua Parker, died 16th Aug. 1944 aged 83 years. Reunited Forget me not. PARKER
PARKERMary Ann6/1/3940YD39In loving memory of Mary Ann Parker, dearly beloved Wife of W Parker, and mother of Eileen, died 6th January 1939 aged 39 years. At Rest
PARKERElsie Mildred15/1/4360YC35In loving memory of Elsie Mildred Parker, passed away 15th Jan 1943, aged 60 years Charles Robert Parker passed away 16th Sept 1980 aged 100 years. Reunited PARKER
PARKERCharles Robert16/9/80100YC34 In loving memory of Elsie Mildred Parker, passed away 15th Jan 1948 aged 60 years Charles Robert Parker, passed away 16th Sept. 1980 aged 100 years. Reunited PARKER
PARKERAgnes Martha21/7/6177 N  
PARKERClarence William29/1/18991yr 10m N s of Charles R.T. & Maria E
PEARCEFrancis Foss1/9/9263 N  
PEARCEArthur Henry26/6/18864yrsYD4In loving memory of Arthur Henry, beloved son of Henry & Mary J. Pearce, died June 26th 1886 aged 4 years.
RALSTONEmily Gertrude4/6/265hrs N  
ROBERTSONJudith Anne11/7/9336YD178 To the memory of a loved Wife and Mother, Judith Anne Robertson 'nee Robinson', passed away 11th July 1993 aged 36 years [Photo]
ROBINSONJoseph22/5/5761YD76In loving memory of my dear Husband and our Father, Joseph Robinson, died 22nd May 1957 aged 61 years Till we meet again
ROBINSONLucy Hilda22/4/7573YD80In loving memory of our dear Mother, Lucy Hilda Robinson, died 22nd April 1975 aged 73 years. At Rest Grandmother.
ROBINSONRobert Thomas23/11/6021YD77 In loving memory of my dear Son & our Brother, Robert Thomas Robinson, Accidentally killed 23rd Nov 1961 aged 21 years
ROBINSONIda Mary16/4/8654YD153In loving memory of my dear Wife, our Mother and Grandmother, Ida Mary Robinson, passed away 16th April 1986 aged 54 years. At Rest [Photo]
RODGERSJoseph Victor15/9/106wks N  
RUDDWilliam R2/10/47 YD41William R. Rudd, beloved husband of Lydia Mary, and Father of Janet and Violet. 2.10.47
RUTSLINIda7/9/954yr 6mN  
SANDERSAlbert George Robert23/8/806wksN [Son of Robert & Mary Isabella (Wamsley)]
SHARPGlenn Anthony Deaves15/5/7619Y D120Glenn Anthony Deaves Sharpe 15.5.1976 - 4.5.1996. Sadly missed by family and friends. Always in our hearts [Photo]
SMALLJeffrey10/11/6615YD75In loving memory of our beloved Son & Brother, Jeffrey Small, Grandson of Mr & Mrs J. Robinson, died 10th November 1966 aged 15 years. Till we meet again.
SPARKE (SWEETMAN) Vera Andriana 10/10/79 75 Y C56In loving memory of our dear Mother, Grandmother & Great Grandmother, Vera Andriana Sparke (Sweetman) died 10th Oct 1979 aged 75 years. In God's Care
STANWORTHJames15/11/6377 N  
STEVENSONSylvester Richard26/9/18866wksN  [Son of John and Harriett A.M. Deaves]
TAAFE Mrs 11/3/95ND84 [Buried with Keith Taafe]
TAAFEKeith25/4/6543YD84In loving memory of my dear Husband, Keith Taaffe, died April 25 1965 aged 43 years At Rest
THOMPSONJames18/1/189711yrs N s of James & Ada
VON SANDEN Alfred William Casmir 21/6/64 66 N  
WAMSLEYJean Elizabeth27/1/197 N  
WAMSLEYLily18/4/022 ½N  [Daughter of Archibald Albert & Elizabeth Bevan]
WAMSLEYJames3/2/05 89 Y C27 Sacred to the memory of James Wamsley died Feb 3rd 1905 aged 89 years. Come unto me and I will give your rest Matt XI Chap 28V. "Call not back the dear departed, anchored safe where storms are o'er, one the border land we left them, soon to meet to part no more"
WAMSLEYunnamed female30/5/251hrN [Daughter of George & Florence]
WAMSLEYArchibald Albert5/10/4178YC24 Husband & Father, Grandfather and Father in Law
WAMSLEYElizabeth31/10/6985YC25 Wife [Plaque removed]
WAMSLEYJane Ellen9/7/188654YC27 Sacred to the memory of Jane Ellen, the beloved Wife of James Wamsley, died July 9th 1886 aged 57 years. 'I am the resurrection and the life, he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. Weep not for me friends dear, I am not dead but sleeping here, I was not yours but Christ's alone, He loved me best and took me home'
WARBURTONThomas Chas Donald31/3/18766wksN  [Son of David & Alice Hannah (nee Kildey) Warburton]
WATERSAlbert Alfred27/2/161d N  
WELLARDAnnie May12/6/5056YD78In loving memory of my dear Sister, Anne May Wellard, who died 12th June 1950 aged 56 years. In God's Care. Erected by the Robinson Family
WELLARDDavid3/9/4479YC36In loving memory of and her dear Husband, David Wellard, died 3rd September 1944 aged 79 years 'Abide with me' Reunited DAD
WELLARDSarah Ann15/6/4475YC37 In loving memory of Sarah Ann Wellard, died 15th June 1944 aged 75 years. 'Abide with Me' MUM
WHITEMartha Adeline6/3/6259YD82In loving memory of our dear mother, Martha White, died March 6 1962 aged 55. Reunited
WHITEWilliam2/2/5062YD83In loving memory of our dear Father, William White, died Feb 2 1950 aged 62. Reunited
WHITTENAlice Eileen11/12/9481YD181 In loving memory of Alice Eileen Whitten 15.5.1913 - 11.12.1994 Loved Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother. At Rest Nanna
WOLFENDENRuby9/2/10 N  
WORLANDAmos Allan3/9/141yr 2m N  
WORLEY Henry24/7/189732N s of Henry R & Sarah T
WORLEYThelma Rosa8/2/071 day N  

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